Hypocrisy behind Burning Quran

by M.H. Uyghur

25/3.2018 Hyvinkää, Finland

quran burningDo you remember 2010 there was mass anti-US protests spread to Pakistan do to Quran burning in Afghanistan by an American. Pakistan’s brother and ally China bans and burns Quran and other Islamic symbols in Pakistan’s neighboring Uyghur autonomous region, yet no one say a single word. Where are those “faithful” Pakistanis?! This hypocrisy make me laugh, but this laugh not laugh of joy, it is laugh of sadness and pity…Sorry if it offends you, but this is true. Uyghurs still think Pakistanis are their brothers and sisters, I don’t think Pakistan will help Uyghurs, I wish at least do not harm them..

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