Do you hate Chinese?

by M.H. Uyghur

15/3/2018 Hyvinkää, Finland

The most boring question people have asked me recently is “Do you hate Chinese? “ There are multiple issues in this question before I analyze it, I could simply give my answer:” It is a BIG NO from me! I do not hate anyone, hate is not what I am clinging to…”

village boys
Uyghur village boys

Now, let me analyze the question, there are a few logical issues. PRC is not equal to the Chinese people, and the Chinese government is not equal to China. You cannot mix them. There is miss using the definition of “Chinese”. It could be the people, ethnic group, culture or language.

I do speak Mandarin, this makes me a Chinese speaker. I am one of the carriers of the Chinese language. And it is a useful tool, I can use it for many good.

little chinese baby girl
Chinese baby girl

I am not genetically Chinese at all, according to my DNA test result I am more Scandinavian (about 14%) than Chinese (0%). I had PRC citizenship until I give it up, it technically makes me “Chinese”.

I have Chinese friends, teachers, and benefactors who had to help me in my difficulties, I have strong feelings for them.

But all those what I mentioned at the above can not erase the tragedies happen/ happening to my people. Exposing the truth is not “hate”. There are Chinese people (Han) making decisions for the policies that Uyghurs being victims of it, there are Chinese people (Han) are executive it. They are doing it not because they are Han/Chinese, but because they are part of an evil system. I hope Chinese people sincerely face the Uyghur issue. Hope righteous people see how much it is wrong what CCP has done in the Uyghur region. Hope they could take their responsibility, or at least do not support and do not involve and get part in the CCP’s wrongdoings.

Uyghur grils

I had avoided to Uyghur issues because like most other people, I didn’t want to be in CCP’s blacklist. Maybe I am already on the list, it does not matter anymore, my parents are already in the “re-education camp”.

These re-education/concentration camps are like black holes, things going in, never comes out. I hope my parents could be as free as alive and healthy. I am praying for it, I believe my God is God of wonders, He will definitely know the best!

I hope Chinese people do not hate Uyghur people, I hope they both understand and respect each other. I hope Chinese people will righteously stand up for Uyghur people to stop wrongdoings of the government. And pray for it!…

Please pray for those children who lost their parent, home and childhood. Pray to the Lord almighty bless us with peace and love. Glory to His Name, amen!

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