My family is China’s state secret

by M.H.Uyghur

28/3/2018 Hyvinkää, Finland 

August 27, 2007 Kariz Museum, Turpan
August 27, 2007  Kariz Museum, Tupan

It is indeed unbelievably horrible what is going on at my birthplace – Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region, China. Innocent people like my parent are suffering because of their ethnicity. My parent and most other who lacked into the so-called re-education camps are regular people without political ambitions. Like most people, they want to have a peaceful life, try to avoid unnecessary problems, continuing their basic retirement daily rhythms. They go shopping, cooking, eating, having small talks, etc. Now I don’t know whether they are alive or…

Uyghur girl

It feels like forever I lost contact with them. Almost everyone else in there has deleted me from their WeChat, blacklist me in their contact list. It is like an information black hole, nothing coming out from there. Unknowing is horrifying, it is the most terrible psychological torture, possibilities give you room for imagination, and your brain starts to amplify the worst possibilities to its limits. I really miss my parents hope they are safe and sound!

Uyghur boy and girl with traditional dress

It is very sad to hear all this sort of heartbreaking stories. What a shame to see lots of Uyghur still keep their voices down and keep the tragedies happen to their families as secret. Situation getting worse by years, people keep silence whatever happens to them, they are too tame to stand up for their own rights. Silence did not give what they want, they are not granted to have civilian rights, they are even not as respected as a human being. Terrible political mistakes have pushed us to the edge of the cliff, if we don’t fight for our right, for our family, we will fall to the depths of the cliff, what will wait for us will be death without dignity. The best way of fight against evil is love, hate will not cure hate, darkness cannot drive out darkness only the light can do that.

Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

Suppression of the Chinese authority causes nationalism among the Uyghur minority. More pressure authority uses to crack down the Uyghur national identity make Uyghurs uniting together like a rock. I hope Chinese authority learn to be smart and try wise policies to soften the situation. First of all, release everyone they lacked into concentration camps, release the Uyghur scholars like Ilham Tohti. Blood can not wash blood out, only the water can. The situation is like ticking time bomb, no one knows when it will explode. Discrimination, unfair treatment will awaken to hatred, and terrorists use the hatred of the persecuted to implement their dirty political plot. I don’t want the place where I was born to become a pustule of terrorism.

Yurt, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

<The Guardian> reports China “holding at least 120,000 Uyghurs in re-education camps” Unbelievable! What is happening to the world?! Chaos and tragedies all over the world. But we are keeping our silence, just like nothing happen. I understand that people get tired of listening, watching and reading tragedies and sad news from TV, radio, internet and from newspapers. I understand they may not pay much attention to the Uyghur people, because the Uyghur people are far away from them, they are not directly connected or related to them. But it makes me confused and embarrassing see that Uyghurs keep themself silent?! Why? Is it because nothing happens to them? No, I know lots of Uyghurs who are now experiencing the darkest period of their life, their parents and relatives are locked in re-education camps or imprisoned, or even killed. I don’t call anyone to hate, but I hope they can speak out, tell the world what is happening! It is very normal to witness what you have experienced. I am not calling anyone for a concession or for violence, my message is simple and clean: speak out, break the silence! Tell what is happening to you and your family!

Tarim River, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

Still, they keep their silence, because fears have deeply entered their souls, the fear comes from unfair treatment, comes from distrust. This fear in silence likely to become gunpowder barrel of the big explosion, this is what we most do not want. Communication is the key to solving problems peacefully, witnessing their experience is the beginning of communication.


Narat, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, our God is the God of everything, He who created the world just by word. Fear Him alone and put your total trust in Him. He, Who is your Lord will help you and guide you to freedom.

Dear Lord, please always protect my parents with your carrying hand, You are my only hope and helper, Only You are able to do wonders and miracles. You are loving and living God, ones again show me your miracles and help my parents to be released from the

Urumqi, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

dark hole of “re-education camp” as alive and as healthy. Dear Lord, please do not allow the evil to test me with difficulties like it tests Job. I am weak and I am already on my limit.
May Your Name praise on earth like It is praised in heaven, You are the Lord of both world and You are the One who creates and care with love. Glory to your Name the most Loving and Merciful. Amen


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  1. Speaking out is the only way to foster change. That is what the young people in the US are trying to do to stop the gun violence and senseless deaths here. What you experience is so sad. I hope for change.


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