What is Uyghur

by M.H. Uyghur

25/3/2018 Hyvinkää, Finland

me with grandparents
Grandpa was a hydraulic engineer, he is the son of a war veteran. He is the father of 7, four of them alive, one of them is adopted. Grandfather of 6, great grandfather of 11. 
Grandmother was a veteran and housewife. She was a daughter of the migrated family. She gave birth to 6, adopted one that makes her mother of 7, four of them alive. She is the grandmother of 6, great grandmother of 11. 
My grandparents were married for more than 70 years and had never separated until grandpa passed away in 2010. We lost grandma last February. 
May their body rest in peace and their spirits be together forever in Heaven, amen!

Someone asked me:” Are you Uyghur or Chinese?” I told him:” I think I am Uyghur and Finnish. I do speak Chinese, and once I had to hold a Chinese passport. “
Genetically I am 51% percent central Asian, the genetic map shows Kazakhistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan in a darker color. I am 28.8% Mongol and 14.4% north and west European. Physically I do not contain Chinese gens. But since I was grown up and had early educations in China, I think I still contain Chinese cultural gens. For me the most important thing is I am a human being, there is no difference between Uyghur, Kazakh, Turkish, Chinese or European or African. We all are one race- the human race.

old man feeds birds
Love which is sincere

There are one thing distinguish good from bad is LOVE. Every winter grandfather used to put some bread pieces on one plate, some water to the other and put them outside. He says that birds can eat them so they will not suffer from hunger in the cold winter. What he did was from love from his heart. He is a typical Uyghur man and I am proud to be his grandson.


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