Woman is the companion of man?

by M.H. Uyghur

8/3/2018 Hyvinkää, Finland

uyghur girl
A Uyghur girl 

Mahatma Gandhi says:”Woman is the companion of man, gifted with equal mental capacity. “ Till today, three women has huge impact in my life. They were/are not only companions, they were/are my teachers.

Uyghur girls

First one is my grandmother, she was a strong woman, she had 6 child, lost 3, adopted one, rise 4 children. A son and three daughter. I was the last child she has risen. I had beautiful childhood with grandparents, those wonderful tales she told me on the bedside before I go to sleep was my very first life lessons, she taught me how beautiful and colorful this world is.

Second one is my mother, I am only child of her. She is well educated and well traveled woman, has wider worldview. She was a journalist and writer. She is a strong and smart woman, she always be there for me, she is my model of being a responsible person and good parent. My very first worldview was copied from her. She is designer of my inner structure; protector, mental and emotional supporter.

uyghur beauty 4
Uyghur girl

Third one is my beautiful wife, a pure minded and faithful woman and carrying mother. She is my lover, friend and soulmate. She has always with me in the most darkest nights and brightest days. Sometimes she is my advisor, sometimes my boss and sometimes my beautiful dictator. Without her I am powerless, weak and less smart. She is the one of the biggest mercy almighty God has given upon me.

Wish you all happy women’s day!

Ayallar Bayriminglar’gha Mubarek bolsun!

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