Color glasses

by M.H. Uyghur

31.3.2018 Hyvinkää, Finland 

me with grandparents
Toksun, Turpan, with my grandparent

When I realized that I could not able to go back to my childhood home, there was a pain raid in my chest, I think the day I left, was the last day I belong to there. I was born in Turpan – a city historically located along the ancient Silk Road, once it was capital of Uyghur kingdom Idikut (or Gaochang). The kingdom turned out to be a dreamland of multicultural coexistence. There were Manicheans, Buddhist, Christians, Muslims, and Shamans. White Tocharians, Asian Mongols, and Hans, mixed looking Turks and middle eastern Jews, Persians and Arabs, sub-Saharans lived there freely just like people in modern-day New york city. The kingdom was a real utopia. I can see those ancient peoples faces from my relatives, some of them look more Asian, some are more European and some others look like middle eastern. But they all are my family, and we call ourselves “the people of united(Uyghur mean “people of united”).

After I left my childhood home, I had visited 11 different countries, where ever I go, I find some cultural elements that exist in Uyghur culture, that excites me and encourages me. I speak four different languages in addition to my mother tongue, it opened me the spiritual doors to different people from different places. Of course, it gives me chance to receive information from different media in a different language. One thing they all have in common is they report the bad and sad side of the world more than the beautiful and peaceful side, so people look at each other with color glasses that media puts on them. It is really sad to see this happening

The last day I was leaving from home, grandfather holds my hand and looks at my eyes, told me: “Where ever you go, at first find what is beautiful and what is good, do not squat bad things for your first sight”. I did what my grandfather told me and I see this world is really beautiful. Every time I look at something and if I see the bad side, I am looking for its good side and try to enjoy it. This habit saved me many times in many ways.

Really miss my childhood home, it is not a location, it is the place where my grandparents used to live before they passed away. Grandparent planted lotus flowers, now I see their flowers are not only planted in their yard but in our mind as well. Maybe I had never left them, maybe I am carrying them with me by containing their philosophy of life. Love you forever.

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