My 33rd birthday

by M.H.Uyghur

4.4.2018 Hyvinkää Finland

33 years ago this day I was about to born, during this 33 years I had lived in three different countries in two different continent and visited 11 different countries in Europe and Asia. So far I have learned 4 different foreign language, graduated from medical school, married once and still happily married with my wife, both in my eyes and mind she is the most beautiful lady. I’ve been trying to have happy, healthy and peaceful life, just like all other regular persons.

with my mother
Me with my mother

Tomorrow, 5th April 2018 is my 33rd birthday, and it is my 15th birthday which I have celebrated without my parents and grandparents. It is my 8th birthday after we lost my grandfather, it is my 1st birthday after we lost my grandmother and it is also the 1st birthday after my parents lacked in China’s concentration camp in Uyghur region. 33 years ago in this moment my mother began to suffer from contraction pain for my birth, now she is suffering in Nazi style concentration camp. If she is still alive, I am very sure she must miss me now. I am writing this words with tears…

Uyghur Leghman/Laghman

Thank God I have dear wife and two daughter and a brother with me for this birthday, tomorrow my dear wife will make Uyghur style noodle- leghmen for my birthday, long noodles symbolize the wish and desire for long and healthy life, sweet and sour taste of the souce symbolize ups and downs of the life. My grandmother and mother used to cook the leghmen for the birthday, now my beautiful wife makes it for me. They are taste different but all are very testy and delicious. My grandmother makes it more sweet, she usually use beans and sweet potato; My mother makes it more spicy, it is her favourite taste, naturally she uses more spices and papers for the sauce; My loyal wife like to makes it more colourful, so she uses vegetables with different colours. She is the colour of my life in this grey period.

with my grandma
Me with my late grandmother

Every birthday I remember a prose written by Mr. Ö.A. Elqut in Uyghur language, it says: “Dear mother, today is the day you gave birth to me, thank you and happy this day for you!” I learned the word, and she cried when I said this to her for the first time. She held me tightly and kissed my forehead and said:”I love you son!” I still remember her smiles and the fragrance, my mother has the most beautiful smile and most aromatic fragrance. I really miss her, at this moment I am hoping I can appear in front of her, hug her tightly and tell her:” I love you mother!”

I really hope my mother and father are still alive, I hope they will be freed from the “re-education camp” immediately and we can be together again!…

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