Ideology rainbow and storm

by M.H Uyghur

15.4.2018 Hyvinkää, Finland

After I published few post in Uyghur, many Uyghurs start to request to become my FaceBook friend. Ethnic Uyghur friends increase rapidly on my friend-list. It satisfy my hunger to Uyghur belonging in my diaspora, in the same time, I was worried. Unknown and unpredictable future was reason for it. Some people who have been victimized for years under an unreasonable system, fearing persecution after personal information is exposed, so they are active online anonymously, these anonymous people are a large proportion of those who add me as friend. I am not criticizing them here but just want to share some of my ideas.

I have a feeling of being surrounded by medieval ninjas, Ninjas can be said to be ancient special forces. They appear quickly and disappear like lightning. No one knows where they come from and where they are going. Among the many benefits from Ninjas, there are hidden crises. Some of them are tempted by wealth and have no loyalty or conscience. Just as mercenaries one can use money to order them for any purpose, I think this is the biggest difference between ninja and samurai. Ninja in Japanese kanji literally means “man remain patience” and samurai means “worrier “.

It is shocking to see in some comments some people launched personal attacks against each other because of different opinions. On these mourning days, my heart is as fragile as the tender grass under the snow, I can no longer face the snowstorm. These was the source of my worries.

When I was a child, I visited the field many times with my grandfather. My grandfather used to be an engineer and he traveled all year long to find water resources and waterway design. Once we climbed into the middle of the mountain, it started to rain heavily. Grandpa took me under armpit, said to me: “Great, soon you can enjoy the rainbow.” This time my attention shifted from the storm to rainbow that soon will be emerge on the blue sky. Different opinions or ideologies can become storms, or becomes different colors of the peaceful rainbow, to decorate the beauty of the motherland. She has witnessed many storms and rainbows, she will keep witnessing. Every nation, including Uyghur just like the earth which witnessed storms and rainbows has witnessed different opinion and ideologies, they all are temporary, only the winners will stand still on the future. Ideology can be written onto the books, but books can not be victims or winners , those people who were brainwashed and slaved to ideologies can be victims or winners of the history. Learn to respect each and every person despite their opinions or ideology. I pray to Lord almighty protect my Uyghur nation from ill ideologies, hope this ancient nation will stay still on the future with all other peace loving winners.

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