Religion and political ideology

By M.H Uyghur

19.4.2018 Hyvinkää, Finland


img_0529I have read in different languages about “religion” in Wikipedia, after I read some comments about religious beliefs under someone’s post, which written in Uyghur. The English term “religion” is originated the Latin word “religare”, means “to bind”, from this extend new word “religio”, which in Latin mean “obligation, bond, reverence”, from this came the word “religion”, in Middle English it gives idea of “life under monastic vows”. Both in Turkish and Uyghur the word “din” (also anglicized as “Deen”), which is an Arabic word, has meanings such as “way, judgment, reward”. Also in other turkic languages like Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Karakalpak, Uzbek, Azarbaycan and in Türkman the word “din “ indicates the term “religion”, there wikipedia pages exist about “religion” in those languages, they provides neutral information about the term, among the parallel pages about “religion”, the page in Uyghur indicates the page for “Islam”. After I discover this phenomenon, it made me speechless.

Uyghurs have believed in different religions in their history. The religions they have believe are Totemism , Shamanism, Manism, Buddhism, Nestorian Christianity and Islam. Whatever religion they once believed, they absorbed the classics that were good for their development. In the course of their national development, they have created many noble cultural heritages. From ancient GökTürks to the last two republics, they have established more than a dozen countries, e.g. Gaochang, Kuchu, Karakhanit, Udin/Yutian, Chagataet, Yarkent, Saydit. The nation that once ruled its own country, has now become a minority, waiting to be assimilated in their ancestral homeland, is an autonomous region that has no practical “autonomy” .

It is regrettable to see is, that this nation is struggling for independence, does not seem to have any political idea, that suits for them. Some of them seem to fill this gap with some so-call religious philosophy and slightly racist nationalism. This poor nation, seems to have no immunity to various “philosophical diseases”, therefore, some of short-sighted people were infected. It is not difficult to see, that those so-called “religious philosophies” , are in fact designed for the political interests of specific groups of people in specific regions. Those thoughts have never served Uyghurs, and those “infected people” have voluntarily renounced their unique Uyghur cultural features. Only God knows what kind of future this will bring to Uyghurs. I don’t want to judge people, because of their religious beliefs or political ideas. Only God can give fair judgment, time will show the consequences to the people of the future.

Uyghur cuisine

Debate is like sitting down on a dining table full of different cuisines to enjoying. Debate and communication advance friendship, increase knowledge and deepen love between people. In these dark days, through free debate and communication, it is possible for Uyghurs to sum up political ideology or philosophy that are truly beneficial to them. Just like the torches in the dark, it will shine their bright future. However, because of different religious or political beliefs do personal attacks and verbal abuse each other is equivalent to smearing at the dining table. This poor nation shivering in the horror of darkness, unnecessary internal conflicts will turns this nation into fossil of the history.

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