My thought about China- Uyghur relationship

by M.H Uyghur

28.5.2018 Munich airport, Germany

(This article was written before the “Freedom of love and interracial marriage”, but I decided to publish it afterword.)

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It has been a while I wasn’t able to write, I was stressed, feel burned out, I even had one more anxiety attack. I feel powerless, frustrated. The reason for that, was not only the regrettable situation of my parents, who are still held in concentration

CSS: Hunting Uyghurs

camps of China’s Uyghur region, also call East Turkistan, along with many other Uyghur, Kazakh, Mongols. According to medias like Foreign policy, Radio Free Asia, Washington post etc. possibly there are more than a million innocent people are suffering in so called “re-education camps”.

The other reason for my anxiety was the reaction and hateful words of some people, I assume they maybe hurting me unconsciously without any hurtful meaning, at least I hope so. There are some other people, who are happen to be ethnic Han, the majority ethnic group of China. We refer them as Chinese, are intimidate me arrogantly. I felt strong racist mentality from their words. I know and believe that they too are victims of arrogant totalitarian government. From very first day of the evil system, it has been heavily investing for propaganda, in order to brain wash the people, so they can easily mobilizing them for their political purpose. Yes, it is true, every other government are doing it in one way or another, luckily not all of their purpose are same as Chinese government.

church demolished
Demolished Chinese Church

One of my Han teacher, a respectful and intelligent person, a leader of China’s underground church, has told me, the Han are the most persecuted people under communist regime. According to him, Han people of modern day, are spiritually not the same Han of the old days. They have lost their proud traditions, they became materialistic, cool hearted, lack of compassion and lost their ability to sense justice. I am not fully agree with him, but I understand his point. Years ago, a video of a young little girl who was crashed by cars multiple times under pedestrians very eyes, nobody has willing to help, they ignore and turn their blind eyes to her. It is so sad to see people did nothing, while the tragedy happen under their very eyes, they ignore dying little girl. I was cried, feel very sorry for that poor little Chinese girl. At the end, a warm hearted lady, saw the girl while she was passing by for collecting recyclables from trash, had removed the dying girl, and ask a pedestrian to call for ambulance. According to Chinese media, the girl passed away soon after taken to a hospital.

Burning Qur’an

I don’t blame any of those people, who are on purpose to intimidating and hurting me, I forgive them, for they don’t really know what they are doing. I pity them to lose normal human sense. And I don’t lost my hope on the Han nation, I don’t lost my hope on humanity. Han are a great nation who has long civilization, glorious past. They are the people who has continuous civilization for thousand of years, their ancestors are the one who found the inner strength and peace are more efficient and more importand way to fight, in the book of “Art of War”, provocate peace agaist the war, it says negotiate, give possibilties to peaceful solution first, avoid war if there are any chance. But, the regime betrayed their ancestors, they do not want to give any negotiation possibility to Uyghur, just like they do it to Tibet. I assume and believe the situation of Uyghur has much worse than Tibet, although the international community are more eccentric to concern on Tibeten issue. The main reason for that, is Uyghur people have no understanding of the global matters and international relationship as good as Tibetan activist, Uyghur diaspora community has lesser good educated acitvist, although there are many good educated people, unfortunately they are not activist. Uyghur people don’t really know how to marketing themselves. The another reason is, Uyghur are majority Muslim nation, has disadvantege on the post 911 world. In the media mouth, they use the term “Uyghur Muslims”, although it is totally not necessary to signified the Muslimness of this poor nation. It easily misguide peoples attention to the word “Muslim” and unconsciously make them think “Muslims doing bad things again, they want Sharia to China etc.” so their compassion turns to China instead of Uyghur. Just like my parents, majority Uyghur are secular, but lately, do to lost their hope on justice of this world, some of them start to seek better future in the world will come, they believe, over there, their struggles will finally end. It is so regrettable to see that it gave hotbed to extremism to grow among some Uyghur. At this very moment, it is growing like antigens growing in the lab culture, ignoring it will bring serious deceases.

uyghur female protest
July 2009, Urumqi   Uyghur female protest against Chinese army

The space of making peaceful and secular ideas become more and more smaller and tighter. The Uyghur region already became a putule, hate and evil is growing while we are ignoring the issue. Opressing can not solve the problem for long run, it only worsen the situation, tighten the chance for peaceful solution. From the history, we learned that there are nobody will remain weak for ever, the power will not stay on one site, weak has its way to fight the strong. When one pushed to the point that one have no other chances to survie, one possibly coice the way of fighting by playing it hard. There are Uyghur idiom says “ even the rabbit bites you if you push him to the edge” . It seems the region is getting close to the point, thank to the wrong doings and inhuman crimes that the regime committed.

Both Han and Uyghur have responsibilty to seek peaceful way of solving the problem, hate what is evil, cling to what is good. Discrimination and ignorance do not getting us to there. It is reality that neither Han or Uyghur will vanish or disappear. One way or another, they will exist as neighbor or together. The Han schoolars have big responsibility to stick to this matter, teach the public to let them know and realize seriousness of this issue. Seek a peaceful solutions, see Uyghur as equal to Han. Unfortunately, I didn’t see this is happening, both in China and at abroad, there are not a single Chinese scholar seem to stick to the matter, even the so called Chinese “democrat” or “human right activist” ignoring the Uyghur people. It make me sick to listen them saying “on the matter of Uyghur, only solution has to be in the frame of Chinese historic tradition, we promise equal citizenship to them….”, it sounds promising. But let me remind you that communist had promised assisting Uyghur for their nationhood. But now they are trying to destroy entire Uyghur existence. Since long time ago, back in the long history, we are struggling for survival of our people. We had wars in our history, but most of the time, we are good nighbours and business partners. Since occupation of Uyghur region, Uyghurs become minority of China. Their rights and interests are not guaranteed. China gave us an empty check, so called “autonomy”, it become only a title or a letter on the paper. we have never enjoyed self governing or self determination rights.

uyghur millitant
Uyghur militants

Independence or not is not my choice or decision. As an Uyghur, I dream about it, this dream is not unique to me, it is a shared aspiration of all Uyghur. Nobody can single handedly give it a dicition, it is  up to determination and decision of Uyghur people. Just like Scotland, someday in the future, if there are any chance put in front of us, this problem will solve peacefully. But the wrong policies and mistreatment of Uyghur people must be end immediately.  There are mental and emotional barrier of Chinese activist, to stops them stand up for Uyghur people. This let Uyghur people give up their hope on them. It is really sad to see and regret to write about it. I hope until it is too late, Chinese activist start to stand up for Uyghur people, assist and cooperate with Uyghur people without any preconditions.  They need to prove their righteousness, their sincereness to human rights and freedom. They need to prove that they are not racist against Uyghur people, they need to let us believe they see us equal. They need to show us that they are really different than the communist regime.

Until it is too late, I hope Chinese regime will correct their mistakes; leave peace a possibility, start communication and negotiation. Cash the check that they promised, let Uyghur autonomy become real autonomy. Give a possibility to Uyghur make our determination by us own. Just like Scotland, maybe Uyghur will choice remain as part of the great nation of China; Or become a sovereign state, which have good relationship and friendship with China. What ever Uyghur will choice, it is up to Uyghur. 

I don’t want to see hate and war, I hope China will show generosity and honesty to Uyghur and to the world, this will be remembered for ever. Among other possibilities, this is the best one for both China and Uyghur. Hate what is evil, love must be sincere, cling to what is good!

Freedom of love and interracial marriage

by M.H Uyghur

28.5.2018 Flight to Helsinki from Munich

(Huom: without my authorization, do not copy this article to your page. You can share it as a link.)

Somehow it is a sensitive topic to talk about, especially to the Uyghur people, a nation of it is majority is Muslim. As you know majority Chinese are not religious. In addition to this, Uyghurs consider themselves as a nation, which occupied by China. And it is fact that they are discriminated and oppressed by regime. Thank to propaganda and slogans of the regime, manjority Han (the majority ethnic group of PRC) believe that they are culturally superior to Uyghur; in their eyes, Uyghur are descendant of Huns and Turks, the historic enemy of them. According to teaching materials of history in schools, which starts from primary schools. These are barbaric and cool blooded people without any seines, the regime provocate this kind of raciest teaching in their school programs systematically. This is the major reason why Han migrants to Uyghur region, reject to respect Uyghur customs, and culture, only thing they enjoy is Uyghur food and music. Discriminatory policies of both central and local government encouraging them to show their nose holes to the Uyghur people, they don’t hesitate to offend Ugyhurs and ignorantly trying to “civilize” them. They hardly understand, no civilization is superior to other. Different cultures and religions are common wealth of humanity, every culture should be respected equally. I don’t believe and support the idea of any culture shall over take the other. Everyone has equal right to choice the way of living like their ancestors, as long as it doesn’t harm and violate others equal rights.

Recently, among Uyghur diaspora community, many are eager to share videos and pictures of wedding of interracial marriage between Han and Uyghur. This encourage me to write my opinion about the issue. Until an Uyghur female ask to meet me during my trip to the Brussels, I didn’t know what to write about.

I call this “issue”, because it is not normal now knowing situation in Uyghur region is highly sensitive. Chinese authority speeding and strengthen their long executed operation of melt Uyghur, Kazakh and other minority into Han majority, to approach their century old plan of assimilate minorities, become monolingual and mono-cultural nation. Regime do not willing to adopt the new way of identify nation and nationality. They still believe and want to maintain unupdated nationalism ideology, which was so popular during the age of imperialism.

As a citizen of a free nation, along with other people who live in Europe, I am witnessing the change of nationality ideology. Maybe it is the “New World Order” that different nations and ethnic groups are uniting and at the end melting to each other. It is happening on global level, especially here in Europe. Evolution of nationality identity is already on its steps to marching for making big changes. Skin color, faith and language are already not a barrier between people to adapt national identity. People learn to respect each other, valuate different opinions, countries becoming rainbow nations. And it give strength to them, people are no longer hesitate to choice their life partners from different ethnic groups, interracial marriages become more and more common and popular, Unfortunately, this is not the truth for the rapid rising of Han-Uyghur marriages now happening in Uyghur region. They are not doing it by their choice, regret to say that, majority of them are forced and threatened to do so.

Adila, pseudonym of an Uyghur female lives in Europe, told me her sisters tragedy. Aygul, pseudonym of Adilas sister, who lives in southern part of the Uyghur region, where Uyghur population dominate the demography, has recently married to a Han male, who came to Ayguls city to voluntarily “developing” the region. Aygul has working as community service, she is college graduate, had have relationship with an Uyghur male, who studied in the same university with Aygul. Who is hoe is in Turpan, where I was born. A historic town, which located in eastern part of the region.

Adila says “Aygul was very in love with the Uyghur boy from Turpan, her boyfriend, they were planning to get married, as soon as he get permanent job in his city. They are waiting for it, because after that, he will be able to transfer her residence permit to his city.” Aygul told this to Adila while she is visiting to Turkey 2016. Because of Adila can not go to visit the uyghur region, after she gave birth to her firstborn, her parents wantes to see their first grandchild, so Aygul has arraged a visit to Istanbul for them. She visited Turkey with her parents. “Aygul was so happy to see my firtborn, she secretly told me, she want to have children with her borfriend after they get married.” Adila cried shen she telling me this, me too can not control my emotion.

End of 2017, Aygul told Adila that his boyfriend has disappeared, later she learned he was arrested because of “sensitive picture” found in his mart phone. Soon after she too were held in “re-educatino camp”, because of her visit to Turkey. Her superviser use his relatioinship network, helped her to relieced from the “camp”. Then she learned her father, senior at his 70s, also held in the other “re-education camp”. She was afraid of her fathers health condition. “She told me for the last time when I call the number she gave me, then she disappeared again. Now, I learn she married to a Han…” says Adila. She seem to be at the edge of mental break down, her husband help her to get back in to their car. Before they leave, he told me doctor has prescript her depression medications.

Many Uyghurs, including me, are suffering from symptoms of depression. Continuing of the wrong policies and inhuman crimes of the Chinese government, and silence of international against it on the global level, make us losing our optimism to future of our nation in China. Many keep in silent, including Adila, because of fear and afraid to worse happen to her relatives. She was afraid to talk about the issue, afraid to contact with media. After she watched my video on my Facebook, which I made for encouraging Uyghurs to witness the tragedy happening to their relatives in Uyghur region. With her husband, she came to meet me in the Airport, they came from other country, where is hours of driving distance away.

She afraid to speak out to the public about tragedy of her sister, she has politely rejected my suggestion to contact with some journalist that I have contacts. In the other hand, sensitiveness of interracial marriage between Han and Uyghur, she ask me keep her identity as secret. I had her permission to write her sisters story and publish in my blog. I hope soon she will be encouraged to speak out openly and stand up for her relatives.

As God believing person, I believe marriage is covenant between two person before their Lord, to become allies. Unfortunately the Chinese government play hard to force Uyghur people to be assimilated. It is difficult to confirm those interracial marriages between Han and Uyghur are of their freewill. I feel so sorry for Aygul, and other victims.


(The male voice says:”My heart is broken,I don’t know what to do, unknown Chinese male came to my home, propose to my little sister to marry him. If she doesn’t accept him, they will arrest her and entire family… my heart is bleeding!… “)

I am burned out…

After so many things, I feel helpless and lonely. I don’t know is there any one hear my voice or understand my feeling, I think there are nobody. It feels like you are standing middle of darkness, you don’t know if there is someone, so you talk and reach out your hands, but nobody answer and your hand is stopped in the middle of the space. You can not see, you can not hear, most scary part is, maybe there are nobody listen to you…

How many nights, I try to sleep, but I can’t, I tried to meditate, but it wasn’t work. I start to blame myself, all these happened because of me. I should never leave my home, at least I can be with my parents a little bit longer. I should never let them travel abroad, at least they will not on the black list of Chinese government. I should never miss them, at least I haven’t contacted them that often, so the authority maybe not interest into them… Millions of “I should never” s make my brain running on it is limit.

I don’t remember, how many nights I stand alone, how many times I cryied in secret, how many times I hope some hug me and comfort me, how many times I hope I can contact with my parents, at least contact with someone who can tell what is happening to them. Nobody…

It feels like the world left me alone in a dark corner of hopelessness. I prayed, no answer, I tried everything I can, but it wasn’t work…

I feel lonely, my spirit is like a volcano, it wants to out from my body, just like my tears…

I feel like I am burned out…

If the next life is really exist, if I can choice where to burn, I hope to burn somewhere people respected, people have freedom, people enjoy their rights…

I lost my very last hope, I think maybe it is time to finish all this…

I was mistreated during my last visit to China

by M.H Uyghur

My name is Halmurat Harri Uyghur , citizen of Finland Republic, a member state of European Union. My Passport number is PW…….???. I was dual citizen of both PRC and Finland, until 11.July 2016 Embassy of China in Helsinki has canceled my citizenship of PRC, since then I have no longer dual citizenship. Which means, I have no other citizenship of any country other than Finland.

2.Feb 2017, during my last visit to China, I was mistreated by China’s border official in Pudong airport in Shanghai, China. My Chinese visa category was M, purpose of visiting was business, visa number: J4170???, which was issued by Embassy of People Republic of China in Helsinki, Finland.

7:40 a.m. 21.Feb 2017, I have boarded in to the British Airways flight 795 from Helsinki airport, at London LHR with connection flight BA 169, flied to the Shanghai PVG, which arrived to destination 22.Feb 9:20 local time. After my arrival, I was mistreated by border officials, although I am a Finnish citizen, they have treated me as one of their own citizen. They have confiscated my phone and passport, and held me in a small room without any water and food, they even rejected my request to go to WC. After about 10 hours trip, which was difficult.

pudong airport
Pudong Airtport

They held me about 2 hours in a narrow interrogation room, they check my entire baggage and scanned whole body, then check me one last time as I am naked. I have been interrogate by them against my will. They asked my religious view, political opinion, carrier, study and work history, civil status and even health condition. They have rejected my request to make contact to Finnish embassy. They did not give me any explanation why they are doing this.

They took 3d pictures of me, without my permission. They force me to read text which written in Uyghur and record my voice. Then they contact with some Uyghur speakers, possibly local police officers or state securities from 4 different city of Uyghur autonomous region, first one was from Ghulja (Yili), second is from Kashgar (Kashi), third was Hotan (Hetian) and last one was from Urumchi (Urumqi). They have repeated similar questions, like why I am in Finland, why I have gave up Chinese citizenship and how long it has been I have left from the region. With my former name, they have checked if I am in some sort of “list” . Luckily, I wasn’t in the list, they did not find my record or any information from their registration system. The last one from Urumqi have told them “he is ok, he is not on the list, you can let him go”. The airport police force me to fill a form and make mpassi-suomi-eue sign it.

Then, they gave my phone and other stuff back to me and with police escort, I was be able to leave.

3.May 2017, at shanghai PVG, I was held by them once again for another 2 hours, they have took my passport and phone, they rejected my request to contact Finnish embassy. But this time, they did not took me to the interrogation room. Let me wait for them, I was held under armed police escort. After long wait, they let me go. 10:55, I was be able to leave with flight BA 168 to London, with connection flight BA 798, at 18:15 from LHR, I flied back to Helsinki airport.

About a month after my trip to PRC, my mother has arbitrarily arrested in to so called re-education camp in Turpan, a city located eastern part of Uyghur region. Since she held in to the concentration center, I lost contact with her. February 2018, they did it to my father. I have no further information about their situation. They both have medical conditions, I am afraid they will mistreated or even worse.

Our Struggle

by M.H Uyghur

9.5.2018 Hyvinkää

After I start to blogging, many people contacted me and add me to be their FB friend. I enjoy to talk to them, I aren’t divide race and gender, for me it is not irrelevant what is my friends ethnicity, gender or race. I believe, most important thing is honesty.

movereI am really happy some ethnic Chinese friends contacted me and show their compassion. I am honoured that some half Uyghur and descendent of Uyghur ancestors contacted me. I am amazed that they still conceder themselves as Uyghur. This make me rethink about Uyghurness. They should be model for the next generation of diaspora Uyghurs.

In the matter of diaspora Uyghurs, I believe language, religion and culture will not be the main characteristics to identify their Uyghurness. Especially future out-springs of the diaspora Uyghurs.

Think this realistic way, it is nearly impossible for diaspora Uyghurs maintain their ethnic and national characteristics, without inhabiting the same community, those ethnic and national characteristics will not be sustainable. They will be melt in to the countries and the nations, where they are dwelling. There are many previous examples of this, like those migrant communities of US. Whether we like to admit or not, this will be fate of the future diaspora Uyghurs will face. But the spirit, like those Uyghurs have in their souls, will be the pattern of some kind of survival of Uyghurness. In this way, this ancient nation will never dies.

Ultimate solution for Uyghur people will be the nationhood, my opinion is, independence is God given right to Uyghur, it should be respected and their dignity have to be protected. Independence is the matter of time, I strongly believe it will happen sooner or later, no matter how suppressors try to stop it. The question is how this will happen? I don’t advocate violence. In this very moment, it will be suicidal decision to make, to start violent secession from China, without strong outside support, our chances are close to zero.

uyghur_flag_us_flagIt doesn’t mean it is not possible, the key is, how we can play our roles in the big games. The legacy way of doing the cause didn’t result in much success, at least not as we hoped. This is why some Uyghurs tried to gain outside support. But, with wrong ideology and lack of intelligence of the wider world, unfortunately, they choose wrong partners. I don’t want to talk much about them, the ideology they have is strong poisonous, it have strong negative impact to struggle of Uyghur, That is why I and majority are strongly condemn them. Majority Uyghurs don’t believe those poisonous ideologies, and so called glory, is not worth us to sacrifice our pressure lives.

We can’t hide or avoid, we can not quite from our struggle, we fight for survival and dignity of our Uyghur nation. That is what most of us doing. I believe there are a way, a possibility can lead us to the ultimate solution. But I am not sure, how and when. We have to admit, we are weak and we are just a pawn in big country’s political chess table. It is sad to admit, but, at least we have tiny chance to hold it for our benefit.

We need to be intelligent. We don’t have army, we don’t have nuclear weapons. But we have stronger weapon, which is our mind and souls. Aggressors knows this point very well, they know it is impossible to slave our souls. Our ancient soul is awakening, that is why aggressors become more and more aggressive and violent. They always say, Uyghur nation is like a beautiful flower. We should let them know, Uyghur nation is a rose with thorns, beautiful, fragrant and untouchable. By thorns, I don’t mean violence. I don’t support any war with any name. But, we have to be ready to face any challenge, if it comes to us, we’d better to be ready for it.

I call my fellow Uyghurs, don’t worry or afraid of the big changes, which will happen, or just happening. Keep do what you need to do. Struggle for your nation, in any possible way. We don’t know how and when, or what is the right path, but it is inevitable. United, we are stronger, that is why our ancestors choose our nation’s name as Uyghur, which means unity. In this very moment, in this critical moment for our nation, you have to stand up and take your God given responsibility. Now or never, brave or grave!

Racism and Compassion

by M.H Uyghur

5.5.2018 Hyvinkää, Finland

img_0373After I start to write the sad story about me and my family, most people showed their compassion, try to comfort me and encourage me. For this, I am the lucky one, I can express myself by writing, I am brave enough to witness the tragedies, which happen to my family, and I am able to share it to the world. Unfortunately, there are millions of  Uyghurs remain voiceless, iron wall of the communist state prevent their voices from the outside world, they are suffering in the dark places, they will never able to tell their story, so sad that the world will never know them. Outside the Uyghur region, there are many Uyghurs afraid to speak out, they are afraid to witness, they have keep it in silent, because they afraid it will cause more problem to their relatives, who are living in Uyghur region. I know this, they are in the edge of the mental breakdown. I was one of them…

Except the “Foreign Policy” magazine, there are no other media show their interest to the sad story of my family. My intention was not gain wide media attention, or publicity. I was hoping more people know about the suffering of innocent people, like me and my family, so they will show their compassion, and start action to help.  Understand and feel our pain. I believe, this will prevent similar tragedies to happen, which happening to my parents and relatives, which happening to other Uyghur. I hope people see and understand this, that behind those stories, are real living people with flash and bones, who can feel pain and love, just like you and your loved one. They deserve to have peaceful life, just like all other peace loving people.

I have received many messages from different people, they have different skin color,  different faith and they live in different part of the world. Their encouragement and positiveness and prayers make me strong, make my faith on humanity even more stronger. Some of them voluntarily translate my story into their language, some of them share it with people around them and write comments on  personal social pages. Some of them send it to human rights organizations, or authorities. I am so thankful that people pray for my family and Uyghur people. They pray in their home, in their church, temple and mosque. I believe God always answers good prayers. I am moved by their compassion and action, I get both emotional and spiritual support. Most of them don’t know me personally, it seems it doesn’t matter. I believe one thing make them have compassion toward us, is they see their fellow human being, treated unfairly. Love and compassion is normal human reaction, it is the guarantee for justice, it is the strongest weapon human being have ever been received. Because of love and compassion, humanity always win.

In the same time, I have also received many unpleasant messages, which contain hate speech and racial profiling. They are definitely minorities, I don’t want to share the “verbal abuses”. Some of  them are so strong that made me cry, it really hurts,.It made my heart pain worsen. Anyway, I don’t hate them, I forgive; but, I will remember it for a long time.

Most verbal attacks came from those people, who currently suffering psychopathy, of brain malfunction syndromes from poisons of racism. I believe they are sick, the symptoms of the disease is impact their judgment abilities, sense of justice and normal emotional reaction. They judge according to skin color, not according to evidence. They have difficulties to have compassion, to the people have different skin color, different faith, and different tongue. They are from many different ethnic groups, some of them are European, some of them are African, some of them are Asian, some of them are Latin American. No matter what,  racism malfunctioned their brain and soul, it is really regrettable to live with them, on the surface of the same mother earth. I pray LORD give quick rehabilitation, and I express my compassion to their sickness.

old man feeds birdsI believe no one deserves to be suffer, it should end immediately and will never happen again, to anyone, anywhere and anytime. I believe in humanity, love and compassion. Silence will not change anything, fears and pains are real and it is already over the norm. Everybody deserve to live happily, safely and with freedom with their family. Hate or racism will never bring us justice, it has no future, it is darkness, it should disappear for ever. Love and compassion is what makes us human.