Racism and Compassion

by M.H Uyghur

5.5.2018 Hyvinkää, Finland

img_0373After I start to write the sad story about me and my family, most people showed their compassion, try to comfort me and encourage me. For this, I am the lucky one, I can express myself by writing, I am brave enough to witness the tragedies, which happen to my family, and I am able to share it to the world. Unfortunately, there are millions of  Uyghurs remain voiceless, iron wall of the communist state prevent their voices from the outside world, they are suffering in the dark places, they will never able to tell their story, so sad that the world will never know them. Outside the Uyghur region, there are many Uyghurs afraid to speak out, they are afraid to witness, they have keep it in silent, because they afraid it will cause more problem to their relatives, who are living in Uyghur region. I know this, they are in the edge of the mental breakdown. I was one of them…

Except the “Foreign Policy” magazine, there are no other media show their interest to the sad story of my family. My intention was not gain wide media attention, or publicity. I was hoping more people know about the suffering of innocent people, like me and my family, so they will show their compassion, and start action to help.  Understand and feel our pain. I believe, this will prevent similar tragedies to happen, which happening to my parents and relatives, which happening to other Uyghur. I hope people see and understand this, that behind those stories, are real living people with flash and bones, who can feel pain and love, just like you and your loved one. They deserve to have peaceful life, just like all other peace loving people.

I have received many messages from different people, they have different skin color,  different faith and they live in different part of the world. Their encouragement and positiveness and prayers make me strong, make my faith on humanity even more stronger. Some of them voluntarily translate my story into their language, some of them share it with people around them and write comments on  personal social pages. Some of them send it to human rights organizations, or authorities. I am so thankful that people pray for my family and Uyghur people. They pray in their home, in their church, temple and mosque. I believe God always answers good prayers. I am moved by their compassion and action, I get both emotional and spiritual support. Most of them don’t know me personally, it seems it doesn’t matter. I believe one thing make them have compassion toward us, is they see their fellow human being, treated unfairly. Love and compassion is normal human reaction, it is the guarantee for justice, it is the strongest weapon human being have ever been received. Because of love and compassion, humanity always win.

In the same time, I have also received many unpleasant messages, which contain hate speech and racial profiling. They are definitely minorities, I don’t want to share the “verbal abuses”. Some of  them are so strong that made me cry, it really hurts,.It made my heart pain worsen. Anyway, I don’t hate them, I forgive; but, I will remember it for a long time.

Most verbal attacks came from those people, who currently suffering psychopathy, of brain malfunction syndromes from poisons of racism. I believe they are sick, the symptoms of the disease is impact their judgment abilities, sense of justice and normal emotional reaction. They judge according to skin color, not according to evidence. They have difficulties to have compassion, to the people have different skin color, different faith, and different tongue. They are from many different ethnic groups, some of them are European, some of them are African, some of them are Asian, some of them are Latin American. No matter what,  racism malfunctioned their brain and soul, it is really regrettable to live with them, on the surface of the same mother earth. I pray LORD give quick rehabilitation, and I express my compassion to their sickness.

old man feeds birdsI believe no one deserves to be suffer, it should end immediately and will never happen again, to anyone, anywhere and anytime. I believe in humanity, love and compassion. Silence will not change anything, fears and pains are real and it is already over the norm. Everybody deserve to live happily, safely and with freedom with their family. Hate or racism will never bring us justice, it has no future, it is darkness, it should disappear for ever. Love and compassion is what makes us human.


  1. My friend, I am saddened by your family’s pain and yours. I am praying for their justice. freedom, and peace. May God’s love continue to flow through you. You ars a blessing to humanity. I will spread the word.
    God bless you..

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  2. I was touched. I can feel your pain and your family suffering
    Because I am living in same place which we having similar issues
    Keep writing my friend and let the whole world know about it
    Keep smiling and work for having peace in your country and the other suffering countries
    May Alla give us peace
    My prayers for you and your family

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