Our Struggle

by M.H Uyghur

9.5.2018 Hyvinkää

After I start to blogging, many people contacted me and add me to be their FB friend. I enjoy to talk to them, I aren’t divide race and gender, for me it is not irrelevant what is my friends ethnicity, gender or race. I believe, most important thing is honesty.

movereI am really happy some ethnic Chinese friends contacted me and show their compassion. I am honoured that some half Uyghur and descendent of Uyghur ancestors contacted me. I am amazed that they still conceder themselves as Uyghur. This make me rethink about Uyghurness. They should be model for the next generation of diaspora Uyghurs.

In the matter of diaspora Uyghurs, I believe language, religion and culture will not be the main characteristics to identify their Uyghurness. Especially future out-springs of the diaspora Uyghurs.

Think this realistic way, it is nearly impossible for diaspora Uyghurs maintain their ethnic and national characteristics, without inhabiting the same community, those ethnic and national characteristics will not be sustainable. They will be melt in to the countries and the nations, where they are dwelling. There are many previous examples of this, like those migrant communities of US. Whether we like to admit or not, this will be fate of the future diaspora Uyghurs will face. But the spirit, like those Uyghurs have in their souls, will be the pattern of some kind of survival of Uyghurness. In this way, this ancient nation will never dies.

Ultimate solution for Uyghur people will be the nationhood, my opinion is, independence is God given right to Uyghur, it should be respected and their dignity have to be protected. Independence is the matter of time, I strongly believe it will happen sooner or later, no matter how suppressors try to stop it. The question is how this will happen? I don’t advocate violence. In this very moment, it will be suicidal decision to make, to start violent secession from China, without strong outside support, our chances are close to zero.

uyghur_flag_us_flagIt doesn’t mean it is not possible, the key is, how we can play our roles in the big games. The legacy way of doing the cause didn’t result in much success, at least not as we hoped. This is why some Uyghurs tried to gain outside support. But, with wrong ideology and lack of intelligence of the wider world, unfortunately, they choose wrong partners. I don’t want to talk much about them, the ideology they have is strong poisonous, it have strong negative impact to struggle of Uyghur, That is why I and majority are strongly condemn them. Majority Uyghurs don’t believe those poisonous ideologies, and so called glory, is not worth us to sacrifice our pressure lives.

We can’t hide or avoid, we can not quite from our struggle, we fight for survival and dignity of our Uyghur nation. That is what most of us doing. I believe there are a way, a possibility can lead us to the ultimate solution. But I am not sure, how and when. We have to admit, we are weak and we are just a pawn in big country’s political chess table. It is sad to admit, but, at least we have tiny chance to hold it for our benefit.

We need to be intelligent. We don’t have army, we don’t have nuclear weapons. But we have stronger weapon, which is our mind and souls. Aggressors knows this point very well, they know it is impossible to slave our souls. Our ancient soul is awakening, that is why aggressors become more and more aggressive and violent. They always say, Uyghur nation is like a beautiful flower. We should let them know, Uyghur nation is a rose with thorns, beautiful, fragrant and untouchable. By thorns, I don’t mean violence. I don’t support any war with any name. But, we have to be ready to face any challenge, if it comes to us, we’d better to be ready for it.

I call my fellow Uyghurs, don’t worry or afraid of the big changes, which will happen, or just happening. Keep do what you need to do. Struggle for your nation, in any possible way. We don’t know how and when, or what is the right path, but it is inevitable. United, we are stronger, that is why our ancestors choose our nation’s name as Uyghur, which means unity. In this very moment, in this critical moment for our nation, you have to stand up and take your God given responsibility. Now or never, brave or grave!

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