I was mistreated during my last visit to China

by M.H Uyghur

My name is Halmurat Harri Uyghur, a citizen of the Finland Republic, a member state of the European Union.  I was a dual citizen of both PRC and Finland, until 11. July 2016 Embassy of China in Helsinki has canceled my citizenship of PRC, since then I have no longer dual citizenship. Which means I have no other citizenship of any country other than Finland.

2. Feb 2017, during my last visit to China, I was mistreated by China’s border official at Pudong airport in Shanghai, China. My Chinese visa category was M, the purpose of visiting was business, visa number: J4170???, which was issued by Embassy of the People Republic of China in Helsinki, Finland.

7:40 a.m. 21. Feb 2017, I have boarded into the British Airways flight 795 from Helsinki airport, at London LHR with connection flight BA 169, flew to the Shanghai PVG, which arrived to destination 22. Feb 9:20 local time. After my arrival, I was mistreated by border officials, although I am a Finnish citizen, they have treated me as one of their own citizens. They have confiscated my phone and passport and held me in a small room without any water and food, they even rejected my request to go to WC. After about 10 hours trip, which was difficult.

pudong airport
Pudong Airtport

They held me about 2 hours in a narrow interrogation room, they check my entire baggage and scanned whole body, then check me one last time as I am naked. I have been interrogate by them against my will. They asked my religious view, political opinion, carrier, study and work history, civil status and even health condition. They have rejected my request to make contact to Finnish embassy. They did not give me any explanation why they are doing this.

They took 3d pictures of me, without my permission. They force me to read text which written in Uyghur and record my voice. Then they contact with some Uyghur speakers, possibly local police officers or state securities from 4 different cities of Uyghur autonomous region, first one was from Ghulja (Yili), second is from Kashgar (Kashi), third was Hotan (Hetian) and last one was from Urumchi (Urumqi). They have repeated similar questions, like why I am in Finland, why I have gave up Chinese citizenship and how long it has been I have left from the region. With my former name, they have checked if I am in some sort of “list” . Luckily, I wasn’t on the list, they did not find my record or any information from their registration system. The last one from Urumqi have told them “he is ok, he is not on the list, you can let him go”. The airport police force me to fill a form and make mpassi-suomi-eue sign it.

Then, they gave my phone and other stuff back to me and with a police escort, I was able to leave.

3. May 2017, at shanghai PVG, I was held by them once again for another 2 hours, they have taken my passport and phone, they rejected my request to contact the Finnish embassy. But this time, they did not took me to the interrogation room. Let me wait for them, I was held under armed police escort. After a long wait, they let me go. 10:55, I was able to leave with flight BA 168 to London, with connection flight BA 798, at 18:15 from LHR, I flew back to Helsinki airport.

About a month after my trip to PRC, my mother has arbitrarily arrested in to so called re-education camp in Turpan, a city located eastern part of Uyghur region. Since she held in to the concentration center, I lost contact with her. February 2018, they did it to my father. I have no further information about their situation. They both have medical conditions, I am afraid they will mistreated or even worse.

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