Freedom of love and interracial marriage

by M.H Uyghur

28.5.2018 Flight to Helsinki from Munich

(Huom: without my authorization, do not copy this article to your page. You can share it as a link.)

Somehow it is a sensitive topic to talk about, especially to the Uyghur people, a nation of it is majority is Muslim. As you know majority Chinese are not religious. In addition to this, Uyghurs consider themselves as a nation, which occupied by China. And it is fact that they are discriminated and oppressed by regime. Thank to propaganda and slogans of the regime, manjority Han (the majority ethnic group of PRC) believe that they are culturally superior to Uyghur; in their eyes, Uyghur are descendant of Huns and Turks, the historic enemy of them. According to teaching materials of history in schools, which starts from primary schools. These are barbaric and cool blooded people without any seines, the regime provocate this kind of raciest teaching in their school programs systematically. This is the major reason why Han migrants to Uyghur region, reject to respect Uyghur customs, and culture, only thing they enjoy is Uyghur food and music. Discriminatory policies of both central and local government encouraging them to show their nose holes to the Uyghur people, they don’t hesitate to offend Ugyhurs and ignorantly trying to “civilize” them. They hardly understand, no civilization is superior to other. Different cultures and religions are common wealth of humanity, every culture should be respected equally. I don’t believe and support the idea of any culture shall over take the other. Everyone has equal right to choice the way of living like their ancestors, as long as it doesn’t harm and violate others equal rights.

Recently, among Uyghur diaspora community, many are eager to share videos and pictures of wedding of interracial marriage between Han and Uyghur. This encourage me to write my opinion about the issue. Until an Uyghur female ask to meet me during my trip to the Brussels, I didn’t know what to write about.

I call this “issue”, because it is not normal now knowing situation in Uyghur region is highly sensitive. Chinese authority speeding and strengthen their long executed operation of melt Uyghur, Kazakh and other minority into Han majority, to approach their century old plan of assimilate minorities, become monolingual and mono-cultural nation. Regime do not willing to adopt the new way of identify nation and nationality. They still believe and want to maintain unupdated nationalism ideology, which was so popular during the age of imperialism.

As a citizen of a free nation, along with other people who live in Europe, I am witnessing the change of nationality ideology. Maybe it is the “New World Order” that different nations and ethnic groups are uniting and at the end melting to each other. It is happening on global level, especially here in Europe. Evolution of nationality identity is already on its steps to marching for making big changes. Skin color, faith and language are already not a barrier between people to adapt national identity. People learn to respect each other, valuate different opinions, countries becoming rainbow nations. And it give strength to them, people are no longer hesitate to choice their life partners from different ethnic groups, interracial marriages become more and more common and popular, Unfortunately, this is not the truth for the rapid rising of Han-Uyghur marriages now happening in Uyghur region. They are not doing it by their choice, regret to say that, majority of them are forced and threatened to do so.

Adila, pseudonym of an Uyghur female lives in Europe, told me her sisters tragedy. Aygul, pseudonym of Adilas sister, who lives in southern part of the Uyghur region, where Uyghur population dominate the demography, has recently married to a Han male, who came to Ayguls city to voluntarily “developing” the region. Aygul has working as community service, she is college graduate, had have relationship with an Uyghur male, who studied in the same university with Aygul. Who is hoe is in Turpan, where I was born. A historic town, which located in eastern part of the region.

Adila says “Aygul was very in love with the Uyghur boy from Turpan, her boyfriend, they were planning to get married, as soon as he get permanent job in his city. They are waiting for it, because after that, he will be able to transfer her residence permit to his city.” Aygul told this to Adila while she is visiting to Turkey 2016. Because of Adila can not go to visit the uyghur region, after she gave birth to her firstborn, her parents wantes to see their first grandchild, so Aygul has arraged a visit to Istanbul for them. She visited Turkey with her parents. “Aygul was so happy to see my firtborn, she secretly told me, she want to have children with her borfriend after they get married.” Adila cried shen she telling me this, me too can not control my emotion.

End of 2017, Aygul told Adila that his boyfriend has disappeared, later she learned he was arrested because of “sensitive picture” found in his mart phone. Soon after she too were held in “re-educatino camp”, because of her visit to Turkey. Her superviser use his relatioinship network, helped her to relieced from the “camp”. Then she learned her father, senior at his 70s, also held in the other “re-education camp”. She was afraid of her fathers health condition. “She told me for the last time when I call the number she gave me, then she disappeared again. Now, I learn she married to a Han…” says Adila. She seem to be at the edge of mental break down, her husband help her to get back in to their car. Before they leave, he told me doctor has prescript her depression medications.

Many Uyghurs, including me, are suffering from symptoms of depression. Continuing of the wrong policies and inhuman crimes of the Chinese government, and silence of international against it on the global level, make us losing our optimism to future of our nation in China. Many keep in silent, including Adila, because of fear and afraid to worse happen to her relatives. She was afraid to talk about the issue, afraid to contact with media. After she watched my video on my Facebook, which I made for encouraging Uyghurs to witness the tragedy happening to their relatives in Uyghur region. With her husband, she came to meet me in the Airport, they came from other country, where is hours of driving distance away.

She afraid to speak out to the public about tragedy of her sister, she has politely rejected my suggestion to contact with some journalist that I have contacts. In the other hand, sensitiveness of interracial marriage between Han and Uyghur, she ask me keep her identity as secret. I had her permission to write her sisters story and publish in my blog. I hope soon she will be encouraged to speak out openly and stand up for her relatives.

As God believing person, I believe marriage is covenant between two person before their Lord, to become allies. Unfortunately the Chinese government play hard to force Uyghur people to be assimilated. It is difficult to confirm those interracial marriages between Han and Uyghur are of their freewill. I feel so sorry for Aygul, and other victims.


(The male voice says:”My heart is broken,I don’t know what to do, unknown Chinese male came to my home, propose to my little sister to marry him. If she doesn’t accept him, they will arrest her and entire family… my heart is bleeding!… “)

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