My thought about China- Uyghur relationship

by M.H Uyghur

28.5.2018 Munich airport, Germany

(This article was written before the “Freedom of love and interracial marriage”, but I decided to publish it afterword.)

(Huom: without my authorization, do not copy this article to your page. You can share it as a link.)

It has been a while I wasn’t able to write, I was stressed, feel burned out, I even had one more anxiety attack. I feel powerless, frustrated. The reason for that, was not only the regrettable situation of my parents, who are still held in concentration

CSS: Hunting Uyghurs

camps of China’s Uyghur region, also call East Turkistan, along with many other Uyghur, Kazakh, Mongols. According to medias like Foreign policy, Radio Free Asia, Washington post etc. possibly there are more than a million innocent people are suffering in so called “re-education camps”.

The other reason for my anxiety was the reaction and hateful words of some people, I assume they maybe hurting me unconsciously without any hurtful meaning, at least I hope so. There are some other people, who are happen to be ethnic Han, the majority ethnic group of China. We refer them as Chinese, are intimidate me arrogantly. I felt strong racist mentality from their words. I know and believe that they too are victims of arrogant totalitarian government. From very first day of the evil system, it has been heavily investing for propaganda, in order to brain wash the people, so they can easily mobilizing them for their political purpose. Yes, it is true, every other government are doing it in one way or another, luckily not all of their purpose are same as Chinese government.

church demolished
Demolished Chinese Church

One of my Han teacher, a respectful and intelligent person, a leader of China’s underground church, has told me, the Han are the most persecuted people under communist regime. According to him, Han people of modern day, are spiritually not the same Han of the old days. They have lost their proud traditions, they became materialistic, cool hearted, lack of compassion and lost their ability to sense justice. I am not fully agree with him, but I understand his point. Years ago, a video of a young little girl who was crashed by cars multiple times under pedestrians very eyes, nobody has willing to help, they ignore and turn their blind eyes to her. It is so sad to see people did nothing, while the tragedy happen under their very eyes, they ignore dying little girl. I was cried, feel very sorry for that poor little Chinese girl. At the end, a warm hearted lady, saw the girl while she was passing by for collecting recyclables from trash, had removed the dying girl, and ask a pedestrian to call for ambulance. According to Chinese media, the girl passed away soon after taken to a hospital.

Burning Qur’an

I don’t blame any of those people, who are on purpose to intimidating and hurting me, I forgive them, for they don’t really know what they are doing. I pity them to lose normal human sense. And I don’t lost my hope on the Han nation, I don’t lost my hope on humanity. Han are a great nation who has long civilization, glorious past. They are the people who has continuous civilization for thousand of years, their ancestors are the one who found the inner strength and peace are more efficient and more importand way to fight, in the book of “Art of War”, provocate peace agaist the war, it says negotiate, give possibilties to peaceful solution first, avoid war if there are any chance. But, the regime betrayed their ancestors, they do not want to give any negotiation possibility to Uyghur, just like they do it to Tibet. I assume and believe the situation of Uyghur has much worse than Tibet, although the international community are more eccentric to concern on Tibeten issue. The main reason for that, is Uyghur people have no understanding of the global matters and international relationship as good as Tibetan activist, Uyghur diaspora community has lesser good educated acitvist, although there are many good educated people, unfortunately they are not activist. Uyghur people don’t really know how to marketing themselves. The another reason is, Uyghur are majority Muslim nation, has disadvantege on the post 911 world. In the media mouth, they use the term “Uyghur Muslims”, although it is totally not necessary to signified the Muslimness of this poor nation. It easily misguide peoples attention to the word “Muslim” and unconsciously make them think “Muslims doing bad things again, they want Sharia to China etc.” so their compassion turns to China instead of Uyghur. Just like my parents, majority Uyghur are secular, but lately, do to lost their hope on justice of this world, some of them start to seek better future in the world will come, they believe, over there, their struggles will finally end. It is so regrettable to see that it gave hotbed to extremism to grow among some Uyghur. At this very moment, it is growing like antigens growing in the lab culture, ignoring it will bring serious deceases.

uyghur female protest
July 2009, Urumqi   Uyghur female protest against Chinese army

The space of making peaceful and secular ideas become more and more smaller and tighter. The Uyghur region already became a putule, hate and evil is growing while we are ignoring the issue. Opressing can not solve the problem for long run, it only worsen the situation, tighten the chance for peaceful solution. From the history, we learned that there are nobody will remain weak for ever, the power will not stay on one site, weak has its way to fight the strong. When one pushed to the point that one have no other chances to survie, one possibly coice the way of fighting by playing it hard. There are Uyghur idiom says “ even the rabbit bites you if you push him to the edge” . It seems the region is getting close to the point, thank to the wrong doings and inhuman crimes that the regime committed.

Both Han and Uyghur have responsibilty to seek peaceful way of solving the problem, hate what is evil, cling to what is good. Discrimination and ignorance do not getting us to there. It is reality that neither Han or Uyghur will vanish or disappear. One way or another, they will exist as neighbor or together. The Han schoolars have big responsibility to stick to this matter, teach the public to let them know and realize seriousness of this issue. Seek a peaceful solutions, see Uyghur as equal to Han. Unfortunately, I didn’t see this is happening, both in China and at abroad, there are not a single Chinese scholar seem to stick to the matter, even the so called Chinese “democrat” or “human right activist” ignoring the Uyghur people. It make me sick to listen them saying “on the matter of Uyghur, only solution has to be in the frame of Chinese historic tradition, we promise equal citizenship to them….”, it sounds promising. But let me remind you that communist had promised assisting Uyghur for their nationhood. But now they are trying to destroy entire Uyghur existence. Since long time ago, back in the long history, we are struggling for survival of our people. We had wars in our history, but most of the time, we are good nighbours and business partners. Since occupation of Uyghur region, Uyghurs become minority of China. Their rights and interests are not guaranteed. China gave us an empty check, so called “autonomy”, it become only a title or a letter on the paper. we have never enjoyed self governing or self determination rights.

uyghur millitant
Uyghur militants

Independence or not is not my choice or decision. As an Uyghur, I dream about it, this dream is not unique to me, it is a shared aspiration of all Uyghur. Nobody can single handedly give it a dicition, it is  up to determination and decision of Uyghur people. Just like Scotland, someday in the future, if there are any chance put in front of us, this problem will solve peacefully. But the wrong policies and mistreatment of Uyghur people must be end immediately.  There are mental and emotional barrier of Chinese activist, to stops them stand up for Uyghur people. This let Uyghur people give up their hope on them. It is really sad to see and regret to write about it. I hope until it is too late, Chinese activist start to stand up for Uyghur people, assist and cooperate with Uyghur people without any preconditions.  They need to prove their righteousness, their sincereness to human rights and freedom. They need to prove that they are not racist against Uyghur people, they need to let us believe they see us equal. They need to show us that they are really different than the communist regime.

Until it is too late, I hope Chinese regime will correct their mistakes; leave peace a possibility, start communication and negotiation. Cash the check that they promised, let Uyghur autonomy become real autonomy. Give a possibility to Uyghur make our determination by us own. Just like Scotland, maybe Uyghur will choice remain as part of the great nation of China; Or become a sovereign state, which have good relationship and friendship with China. What ever Uyghur will choice, it is up to Uyghur. 

I don’t want to see hate and war, I hope China will show generosity and honesty to Uyghur and to the world, this will be remembered for ever. Among other possibilities, this is the best one for both China and Uyghur. Hate what is evil, love must be sincere, cling to what is good!


  1. I hope that what you wished in the article comes to fruition and that the powers see that the only way to progress is through inclusion not discrimination.
    Chinese government’s justification that the crackdown on Uyghur’s is a pre-emptive measure; to stop China from becoming another Pakistan is disturbing and weak on many grounds. First, we try to dissociate minorities from their historical links, deprive them of their rightful resources, implement repressive policies to suit own interests, then scream terrorism and call them anti-national.
    This sort of religious, cultural and economical intrusion is most definitely termed “ethnic cleansing” and not “ethnic unity”.


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