911: the saddest day for the righteous

by H Uyghur

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Today is sad Memorial Day of one of this century’s sadist tragedy, this is not sad memory of only American people, but also a shocking memory of many of us in this planet, who standing common values of human rights, equality and most importantly, people who promote peace and love. I, as a human rights activist of Uyghur descent, a people who have greatly impacted by this great tragedy, once again express my deepest condolences to victims, their family, and American people. Goher, an Uyghur female was among the victims who were working in twins tower, who has lost her precious life, who has the same name with my mother, my mother Goher’han Tömur is a survivor of China’s concentration camps.

genocideUyghur people are indigenous to central Asia, who has long glorious history, historic Uyghur kings has ruled nation with love, peace and harmony, which created the core of the Uyghur culture. A beautiful culture, communist China now pursuing to destroy with all means. Many Uyghur scholars are detained or prisoned, because of their effort to preserve Uyghur culture. Among them Tashpolat Tayip, principal of Xinjiang University, recently I have heard rumors about he is going to be executed. If it is true, we should stop it is from happening.

Family, love, peace, and mercy are always been as central philosophy of Uyghur life. China has used the global campaign for counter-terrorism, demonized and jeopardized peace-loving innocent Uyghurs for its total discriminatory and assimilation policies. Since 2017 China has started to initiate so-called reeducation system, rounded up millions of innocent people into concentration camps, which caused many family tragedies. I and many other Uyghurs started campaigning for human rights, liberty, justice, and equality of people, a common value created the western democracy, a philosophy actually once made America a great country. Teaching could unite the whole of humanity in peace and harmony.

We promote democracy, human rights and liberty, which is actually the most powerful weapon against extremism and terrorism. Discrimination, unjustness, and ignorance is the source of terrorist ideologies and it created a hotbed for its spreading. We should remember what has happened, most importantly, we should prevent tragedies from happening again. Thank you

human rights

Will you make a small €5 gift today?

We need your help.


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