Don’t let Uyghurs become a lonely island

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By M.H Uyghur

Today there are two news make Uyghur again upset about United Nations, the first one is cancelation of a speech of an Uyghur human rights activist Kuzzat Altay, the second thing is an event called ” The Fight against Extremism and Human Rights Protection in Xinjiang”, organized by Chinese delegation and a fake human rights organizations based in Beijing, most likely an organization funded by the communist government of China for their propaganda. Mr. Dolqun Isa, the president of the World Uyghur Congress had live-streamed about the event before in Geneva, UN headquarter. A year ago, in the same place, I have attended presession of a meeting about reviewing China’s human rights. (UPR-China)

Despite the wide media coverage of the currently ongoing tragic situation of the Uyghurs, nothing seems to happen to stop this atrocity, while millions of people being sent to concentration camps, it is well over two and half year this has started, we didn’t see actions to stop it. Beside US senate has passed the Uyghur Human Rights  Policy Act, and the letter there were 22 countries have signed, we didn’t see any other meaningful campaign or actions done by anyone, except concern scholar arranged different events and the media coverage of the tragedy. Isn’t it yet known or not important? Do people still think it is CIA game? Even after the confirmation videos and testimonies Mr. Olsi, an Albanian journalist and historian who has been criticizing hypocrisy of the west and was in favor of China, who has been invited by the Chinese communist government and visited the camps himself, then changed his mind after he seen the unbelievable inhuman policy Uyghurs has been subjected to? This is not a CIA game or Mussad planed drama, it is one of the worse human rights crises currently ongoing.

Many Muslims think Uyghur activist like me and others are funded and supported by western governments, that is not the fact. My organization (UyghurAid) has started after I started campaigning for my parents, who were among those millions of Uyghurs. yet our application for fundraising rights have rejected by Finnish authorities last year, we are still working on the application process for this year. And our application for funding from NED has rejected as well, despite our tireless work for campaigning to create awareness of the current situation of Uyghurs. Yet we haven’t given up, because those people in East Turkestan, or whatever you call Xinjiang or something else, are our kin, our parents, siblings, our family. Many Uyghurs are still kept in silence, because of the fear for retaliation of the Chinese government, we are facing threats, rejections, laughing and discriminations. We are fighting for the values, which we believe is the fundamental principles of the cornerstones of free countries, the nations ruled by law and democracy, their citizens are enjoying their life in free, fair, just and respected societies with their human dignities. Uyghurs are not less than any other people on this planet, let’s don’t talk about history or civilizations, as being a human being, we have right to have access to basic human rights, respect, and dignity.

I gave speeches in many different places, many have suggested me Uyghurs need to fight for their rights on their own, I want to ask how? Before us the government who has largest army, second richest economy, biggest population and check the record of worse human rights abuses, it is arrogant and never gave a chance for us to communicate with them. It is impossible to arrange demonstrations within our ancestral homeland, the legal autonomic region of our own, but have no autonomy at all. Even most secular voices of Uyghurs are silences, like Ilham Tohti, Uyghur economist was teaching in Minzu University in Beijing, have sentenced for life for speaking out for Uyghurs rights, which promised in the Chinese constitution. Prof. Tiyip, former president of Xinjiang university has sentenced for death, Dr. Ghupur, former head of the Xinjiang Medical University as well sentenced for death. Our people living in a region, if a girl or her family say no to a man, who is from Han Chinese origin, would send to concentration camps or even prison. They live in a place where even kitchen knives have printed serial numbers unique to the owner. Our family is living in a place where one could end up in concentration camps if one has spoken out he or she is not pleasant of the Chinese “relative” who is settled in his or her home to live with his or her family to monitoring their process of sinicization. What do you suggest to us, people like me and other Uyghur human rights activists? Fight by our own is not a solution, yet we are talking about a country is pursuing to become the world leader. The Chinese economy is very important for the world economy, we all agree with this discourse, actually, that is the point what makes Uyghur plight more significant and important for all. This may sound scary, but it is the fact that if oppression goes beyond the line, once there are any chance, oppressed people, or at least some people among them could come up with very different, or even scary ideas or some undesirable ideologies could really become popular among them. We are talking about people with a population between 11 million to 25 million, which number you get, it depends whom you ask. That is the last thing we want to see, that is one of the main reason why we are campaigning for gaining real attention from the world. But, is the UN right place for us to struggle for our goals? What the UN could do for us? These are the questions Mr. Kuzzat has come with on his video.

We don’t lose our hope, we can’t lose the only powerful weapon we have, the hope, the one and only thing makes us going. And you, dear righteous person, we need you to get involved with Uyghur cause, we not only need support, but we need comrades, partners, and friends who can fight with us, for sake of making our world better place to live, let our out springs still can live with their liberty and human dignity in the future.  Don’t let boundaries of religion, race, and nationality become border for our humanity, please don’t let Uyghurs become a lonely island on their fight for their existence, freedom, human rights, and human dignity. United we are stronger, that was what UN for, that is what we learned after ww2, that is why all nations gathered under one blue flag, it supposed to be given hope for suppressed people like Uyghur, wish it will play it is role and function properly. Remember, Uyghurs need you!

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