Urgent Call for Uyghur Students in Western Universities

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We need your help.


   by Uyghur Students

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Why? We all have the potential to be silenced by the government. Let’s act now while we can. It’s now or never. We can take quiet, grassroots action that will make a difference without jeopardizing ourselves and our families.  With Hong Kong’s situation, leaked documents, and TikTok videos, we have wider coverage than we ever have before. We have to ride the momentum.

Why we need you as an Uyghur: We, the Uyghur community, need you and the resources you have as a student in a democratic country. You can do this by reaching out to people around you. Whether you are in K-12, university, whether student or instructor, being part of academia means that you have access to valuable resources: student organizations, professors, and stages to give presentations. Don’t forget that your English speaking skills are a huge resource too.

Why Western Universities: Most people in western countries still care about democracy. We can always use public support. We need you to brainstorm ideas about how we can utilize the power of democracy. But we have to educate and spread awareness to gain momentum with a majority. In Uyghur we say, if a baby isn’t crying, mama doesn’t nurse. If we don’t speak up, the people in power won’t know how to help either. We can educate and connect with people to mobilize government action. We can do this without putting ourselves at risk through grassroots action–that is, educating people around us about the issue.


We can start a grassroots movement at universities in democratic countries by being an active Uyghur diplomat in every chance we get at school and outside.

  What can we do?  

1.    Publicity:  Please educate yourself with the most up-to-date information about the Uyghur situation and share it with people in your circle such as co-workers, family and friends, students via gatherings, class/lectures and social media.

2. Politically: Please call your representatives, governors, and senators. Visit their office in person, with locals if you can or alone. Thank them if they voted Yes on the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act bill. Even though you might not be a citizen, they still listen.

3. Financially: invite them to donate to following link




4. Bringing the issue to attention at religious and educational institutions:

You can bring the situation to churches, mosques, and synagogues. Meet with religious leaders, ask them to mention Uyghurs, or arrange a time to talk about Uyghurs during gatherings. For example, you can partner with local Islamic Centers to hold awareness and action events.

5. On-Campus Action

  1. Choose Uyghur-related issues for your writing, speaking or discussion topics and encourage friends to do so.

  2. Look up the faculty at your college. Who might have an interest in Muslim, Uyghur or Chinese related topics? Ask to set up a meeting with them. Talk with them to ask for a guest speaking opportunity or ask them to bring up the Uyghurs during lectures.

  3. Connect with student organizations, such as the Muslim Student Association (MSA) or associations for minority students, native American student organizations, or whatever is available at your school. Ask them to hold a meeting and/or activity on Uyghur-related topics. Offer to be a speaker or connect them with other Uyghur activists who can speak at the event.

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