What Kargilik leaked documents prove?


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By M.H.Uyghur

First of all, it is similar to the documents we have seen last year, they just confirm basically what we’ve known from what people have observed, what family members told us, and what some people escaped the camps have told us. So, this is just a confirmation. And gives us an overview of what we already know, what I think it is interesting is that it confirms what we already suspected.

Religion is part of the criteria that takes people to the concentration camps, but that’s not the only criterion. Just being born at the 80th and 90th that makes you suspicious enough to be sent into camps, we also see that having four children, having a beard, possessing a passport, receiving calls from abroad, etc. translated as negative behavior which impact people could lose points. So, it shows that the list is not only about religion, it is mostly about being Uyghur and being young and is potentially a threat. That there is not one single reason, and also you are also at mercy of people who collect the data and evaluate the date, because they keep rechecking and they comment about what to do with you or what not to do with you. Either camp or not camp is that it seems you need to have several so-called crimes by the Chinese government have accumulated.


Contrary to the New York times, that released only 20 pages of the leaked documents out of 400 pages, they haven’t released more than these 20 pages, we strongly hope they could release all the pages because it is not normal who have these important leaked documents data actually not given to the scholars or anyone activist to look at, that would be very important to insist that, this documents should be public documents, should accessible to anyone, and not kept by journalist for whatever reasons.


It is very difficult to explain what does it feels to be an Uyghur to the people living around us, it feels like your loved family member, your parents or brother or sister received a diagnosis of terminal cancer, or received a call from police about your loved one had bad injurious from a traffic accident. We are living constant pain equal to the pain those, but those are from natural causes, what is happening to our people is a manmade atrocity, we are being targeted because being ourselves.


We really hope people could help us, small steps they could try to take, wish politicians and celebrities could bring this up as personal affair, we have expectations towards them, being realistic, I don’t expect each one of them immediately stops this tragedy, but they could help for example personal cases.

Will you make a small €5 gift today?

We need your help.


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