#ChineseVirus or #Covid19

by M.H Uyghur

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After the US President Donald Trump called the global pandemic as Chinese virus, controversial opinions about whether use the Chinese virus term or not use it has become a hot topic on social media. Here are my thoughts about this controversy.

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Some people from Chinese community followed the Chinese government’s call, labelled people who insist to use the term the Chinese virus as racist. China’s definition for labeling people as racist for using the term is, I think quite naïve and not complex. It seems like any good comes from China, if you forget it’s Chinese, you will be racist. And any bad, for example the virus, some people call Chinese virus, because it’s from China, then they are being labelled as racist. I don’t accept this is the new rule set by Chinese logic, I resist it, because it is hypocritic and rather racist.

The virus is from China, that’s why people call it Chinese Virus, it’s not racism. At the same time, I don’t deny for sure some people use the term because they hate China or Asian people. But if you don’t call it Chinese virus while calling Ebola is African, that’s what I mean is racist. What’s the logic behind if it’s from Africa then it’s African, if it’s from China then its COVID19? That’s not right, that’s double standard. I understand why some people says Ebola spreading before 2015 international recommendations were set. Hope they don’t forget both Ebola and Chinese flu are ongoing epidemic, nobody can guarantee Ebola will not become pandemic.

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As long as we call Ebola as Western African Ebola virus, and other deceases named according to geographic locations, I will keep calling covid19 as Chinese virus. I believe humanity are equal, our African brothers and sisters are not less than Chinese. If WHO calls the new pandemic as covid19, they should rename Ebola and other epidemic and disease names affiliated or recalls geographic location or certain group of people. Why we apply double standards? Why media keep calling Ebola and other diseases with its origin of geographic locations, while they hesitate to call the new pandemic originated from China as Chinese virus? If Ebola has medical term, use it, educate us to use the new term. I feel really bad for Africa.

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‪If we can’t call #ChineseVirus, we have to stop calling #Ebola. That’s really offensive.
‪I don’t insist to call the Virus with its geographic origin, yes, as an #Asian, I worry this will cause racism against Asians.

‪I see the point why people don’t agree to use the term Chinese Virus, I totally agree, that’s why we need to resist and insist people stop calling Ebola, and all other names linked to geographic locations. This is not only for Asians, it’s bigger than what we think, that’s my opinion and logic, maybe I am wrong, or naive.

My point is, don’t be hypocrite, don’t apply double standards!

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