Does revoking ETIM from being designated as a terrorist organization means indirectly supporting Uyghur armed forces?

By Halmurat Uyghur

After the 911 terrorist attack, China put itself into the bus of the so-called war against terrorism, an international military and diplomatic movement launched by the Bush administration. Before that date, China was accusing Uyghurs of separatism, a phenomenon, and natural human desire for freedom and self-determination, and natural reaction against repression, seen as an unforgivable crime according to CCP’s interpretation. That is because CCP is a single-party autocracy ruling the country under its iron fist since 1949. It sees everything could possibly challenge it is power manipulation as a threat, political desires like separating from China, establishing a self-determined independent state is, a directly putting the CCP autocracy at great risk, that should be the philosophy behind why CCP using brainwashing measurements to control majority civilians thought about great unity (大一统), I call it Chinese chauvinism because CCP has been using Han populations great nation sentiments, which manifested as a dream of the revival of great Han nation. According to their interpretation of the revival of the Chinese nation is, the greater territory greater the glory, nations melting into them, speak their language, eat their food, marry their daughters to their males, and that seen as merci of the great Han nation. It is a typical colonialist mentality; however, it runs CCP citizens’ thoughts like computer software, and I believe, that is the reason why they think CCP’s oppression, assimilation policy against minority ethnic groups, is heed and care.

China has been mixed using the term ETIM and TIP when accusing Uyghurs of terrorism. They designate some criminal cases committed by members of Uyghurs, as an act of terrorism. The problem here is, there is a lack of evidence to show it has any link to prove it is a part of organized crime, subjecting political narrative. I am not trying to deny some terrorist attacks or whitewash them as mistakes of innocent civilians. There are possible terrorist attacks, and China could be a victim of it, what I am trying to say is, Chinese authorities have been tended to label criminal cases as terrorism, overreacting and heavy-handedly oppressing civil disobedience, and public dissatisfaction. I do not rule out the role of Chinese racism against Uyghurs and the colonial mindset here.

However, after China adopting the terminology of war against terrorism replacing separatism, and using it as an advantage of its repression against the rise of Uyghur nationalism, somehow looks more acceptable or sensible reason, accepted some level of international understanding and even supports. The US designation of East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) and Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP) as foreign terrorist organizations, simply gave the green light for China, to continue persecuting Uyghurs who have a desire for a different political future for Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region. I personally believe that is a political treaty between the Bush administration and the CCP, in order to gain support for each other’s’ global strategy, and that has ended as a result the loss of the US. How? that needs a long investigative report to explain, and I hope I could find one already done, quote here.

China used “war on terror” as an excuse for the extradition of Uyghur refugees from countries, mostly have a closer diplomatic relationship and member states of the Shanghai cooperative organization. Canadian citizen Huseyin Celil’s case could be an example. Huseyin Celil is a Canadian citizen and a Uighur human rights activist from China who promoted the rights of China’s Uighur minority.  In 2001, he fled China after being in jail for supporting the religious and political rights of the Uighur people. The United Nations recognized him as a refugee. In March 2006, when he and his family traveled to Uzbekistan to visit his wife’s family. The police in China found out that Huseyin was in Uzbekistan, and asked the Uzbek police to arrest Huseyin. They did, and then sent him to China.

22.10.2020, the state department has revoked designating ETIM as a terrorist organization and posted the decision on Federal registration 5th of November. It was a mistake in the first place to list a no existing thing as a terrorist organization. However, my question is, why this time? many questions pumped up in my brain and I want to find out answers.

My questions are, why this timing? maybe the investigation result coincidentally came to this time, or is there any other explanation, such as the US decided to turn it is blind eyes to violent resistance against oppression and possible genocide of Uyghurs, or a violent sect of freedom fighting for Uyghur emancipation? Are those organization freedom fighters? As long as I know, the existence of those organizations is disputable. According to propaganda videos claimed to be published by TIP or ETIM, their political purpose is not clear, and areas they are claimed to taking operations are not relevant with Uyghur emancipation, nor with China.

On the recently issued decision published on Federal Registration, there are only mentioned ETIM, but nothing about TIP. Then, I start toing search to find about TIP. Then I found out, the latest decition regarding TIP has issued 2016 , and it says: “Based upon a review of the Administrative Record assembled pursuant to Section 219(a)(4)(C) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, as amended (8 U.S.C. 1189(a)(4)(C)) (“INA”), and in consultation with the Attorney General and the Secretary of the Treasury, I conclude that the circumstances that were the basis for the designation of the aforementioned organization as a Foreign Terrorist Organization have not changed in such a manner as to warrant revocation of the designation and that the national security of the United States does not warrant a revocation of the designation.” This means, TIP is still being listed as a foreign terrorist organization, while ETIM has been revoked from being designated as a terrorist group.

If it is not a coincidence of timing, what is really going on? Does the US give warning signals to the CCP? What the US is warning? what is behind the signal? I don’t want to anticipate that in order to cool down the firing Sino-America relationship Uyghurs will be a card for negotiation. I don’t really know how that card will be played, and I’d rather believe the US is sincerely wanting to help oppressed Uyghurs, rescue them from genocide. Because, Uyghurs really need help, and by our alone, we can’t stop China’s genocidal policy against our kinsmen in our ancestral homeland.

So far I found out, the reason behind the decision is, they see ETIM and TIP as two separate groups. See ETIM as no existing organization, and still see TIP as a foreign terrorist organization. I don’t believe any country will anytime soon support the militant sect of Uyghur resistance, and personally, I don’t see any Uyghur organization is, in fact, are promoting violence. Because Uyghurs are smart enough to know, violence will not take us to the solution. Especially, fighting the world’s largest army with advantage technology and obtain nuclear power.

Uyghurs can’t afford to be ignored any longer, the entire nation is under attack, Muslims, Christians, agnostics, and atheists are alike being targeted and subjected to discriminatory, unjust treatment, arbitrary detentions to concentration camps, and possibly genocide.

 If there are any decisions or treaty will be made on our behalf, we should be involved and have the right to advocate for ourselves. and that involvement requires a legitimate representative organization, what we need to do is, based on the currently existing organizations, build a solidarity and coworking platform, and that platform could be the entity that represents the desires of Uyghurs. The government of Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region is legally government entity should represent Uyghurs and other population in the Uyghur region, however, it is recognized as legal, but not legitimate.  Maybe this is another topic for another time.

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